About This Project

Project Name: Gurudwara Hall Interiors, Sector 22, Chandigarh

Client Name: Sri Gurudwara Asthapana Committee

Site Area :4500 sft

Total Built up area: 4500 sft


Project Description

The interior design of the Main Hall for a Gurudwara in Chandigarh is a captivating project. The committee expects that the hall should be modern in each and every aspect without compromising the sacredness that needs to be established by a devotee visiting it. Hall provided is divided into 2 parts one has a double height in the centre and the 15′ flanks in front and sides are in single height. The main entrance is from the single height entrance which cannot be tampered as the hall above the main entry has another hall to be used for Anand Karaj (Wedding Ceremony).

Clear lines with accent gold colour mark the entrance from the single height entry towards the main shrine area with ceiling as well as floor in Golden hue. As soon as one enters the double height hall the holy scripture of Guru Granth Sahib is seen. The scripture in blue stone is a sermon preached in Sikhism and has been the main teaching right from the beginning of the religion.

The Guru GranthShahib placed in the centre of the double height hall is devoid of the traditional shrine and is placed on an Italian Marble platform. Divine light (artificial in this case – as natural light from roof slab could not be built as no physical changes to the building was allowed) enters the hall from 2 random light sources on diagonal ends in the ceiling where it transforms in the spiritual saying inscribed on the front wall. This sermon then transmits through sound waves wooden in the beginning, but as they disperse in the world by virtue of their essence convert into gold spreading the message of peace and harmony.

Normally the gurudrawas adorn a white texture throughout the interior space but this one has been treated in the shade of beige with horizontal mirror lines punctuating in between. The floor has been done in navy blue carpet which improves the sound quality and enriches the sitting experience in religious congregations. All modern Audio Visual aides have been provided with temperature controls throughout the year.

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