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Project Name: Gurudwara Hall Interiors, Sector 34, Chandigarh

Client Name: Gurudwara Committee Sector 34, Chandigarh

Site Area :4000sft

Total Built up area: 4000 sft

Project Description

With changing times the place of worship also requires necessary changes to make the whole experience of religious congregation worthy of the faith that it was founded on. Sector 34 Gurudwara is a case in point, with ever expanding Sangath and passion to provide service to as many people as possible this renovation was undertaken.

Renovation included defining a larger area for worship, providing latest Audio Visual experience for all, making the interior environment comfortable and doing all of the above with minimum recurring expense. Use of traditional arches formed the core of the design philosophy along with the golden vault ceiling that is prevalent in most of Sikh Architecture of the past. White Indian marble cladded walls, soft imported carpets and bright ceiling enhance the overall experience, intricate marble inlay details for the main Thada (Place for the Holy book) combine with railing details and special Sukhasan room (where the Holy bool is kept in the night) add to the traditional beauty of the Gurudwara.

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