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Project Name: Baddi Technical Training Institute, Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

Client Name: BBNDA

Site Area : 13 Acres

Total Built up area: 50,000 Sq. ft



With a program to hone the skills of 300 students, an academic block consisting of high tech classrooms, a library with 2000 sq. ft area, workshops with real time industrial machinery to impart a wholesome practical knowledge to the students and with a site measuring 5 acres everything seemed to be exhilarating for the design of 50,000 sq. ft Baddi Technical Training Institute. Although the hilly site was big enough to accommodate the requirements but it had some major challenges to comprehend with. A small rivulet (Nallah)that flew through the length of the site, the presence of a 440 volt high tension cable running across the middle of the site where as per norms nothing could be built through the 14m corridor and right at the centre of the site the width was barely 40m. Add to it the hilly terrain of the site.

All these contrasting parameters gave birth to a very unassuming axial and terraced plan of the campus constituting the Administration Block, The Academic block, the Canteen and the Workshops with the construction of 3m x3m RCC Nallah on one edge (to take care of the rainwater coming from the hills above).

The campus greets you with a flat parking and sloping roof Administration building. As you go up the site you climb a metre and a half at each block level making the level difference between the floors of the administrative and the workshop blocks up to 4.5m.

The standout feature is the academic block designed in a U –shaped building with courtyard at the centre and with an unobstructed view from the administrative block up to the end of the assembly area beyond the canteen maintaining a visual connection despite the intersection of the academic building, Canteen buildings and the slope in the site.

This also establishes the authority and accuracy of the axes planning in conceiving the desired program. All the blocks on the site are handicap accessible.

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